TV: Pineapple Dance Studios \ Sky 1

Posted on March 3, 2010


Sky 1’s glitzy guilty pleasure Pineapple Dance Studios has not one, not two, but three secret weapons.

First, Pineapple Artistic Director and Sky Cirque de Celebrite chappy Louie Spence (pictured) and his larger than life but utterly convincing tits-and-teeth performance. (If you’re not used to such a full on thing, it’s going to be car-crash telly but really, stick with it until he takes his mother to get botox and you’ll want to invite him round for tea, cake and a jigsaw.)

Second, is choreographer Andrew Stone complete with smile, tan and a fringe has high hopes for a career in pop. More news on that later.

But third and most important, is the seriously dead-pan voice-over from former BBC newsreader, 999 doom-monger and presenter of Radio 4’s Moral Maze Michael Buerk.

Nice work Mr Buerk. We salute you.

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