I’m not happy

Posted on March 8, 2010


When something isn’t on BBC HD I tend to ask myself ‘Why not?’ with the same tone of voice I adopt when the curtains in a hotel room aren’t thick enough to shut out the streetlights.

HD broadcasts are something I’ve become accustomed to in recent months. I like HD stuff. It looks tasty. Anything shot in HD or broadcast in it makes me feel special.

Yes, I like BBC Four and I’d hate to see it go but even the BBC Proms on BBC Four looks a little compressed now that I’ve got used to HD quality transmission

So given that last year’s UK Eurovision selection programme was broadcast in HD, why isn’t this year’s getting the same treatment?

Naturally, I’m not wanting to complain. And I’m certainly not wanting to kick up a fuss. But I was rather looking forward to Friday night in front of the TV. That was why I didn’t apply for a ticket to the event – that and the fact I’d have felt like a spare part there.

It may well be the case that Your Country Needs You. But I really need it in HD.

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