Radio 4 listeners briefly terrorised by moribund music station

Posted on March 18, 2010



Actually. Er. Well no. That’s probably not the realy explanation of how three or so minutes of 6 Music’s output ended up on Radio 4. But it sounds nice. It makes me smile. And we should always make sure we laugh at our own mistakes instead of getting all uppity about them.

But it’s true. It really did happen. Long-suffering husband Simon alerted me to the transmission error as I was journeying home from a College of Journalism event in Coventry. “You’ll probably want to Twat that or whatever it is you do,” were his parting words before the line went dead.

The opportunity was too good to miss.

Expect to see a report on Radio 4’s Feedback tomorrow. At least I hope so.

And of course, pity the poor technician who’ll be hauled over the coals for that one in the morning. He doesn’t get the top slot for Radio 4 errors of course. That one goes to the gorgeous Charlotte Green when she corpsed during a bulletin..


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