When editors say ‘yes’

Posted on March 24, 2010


“How did it go? I noticed you’d tweeted you were off to pitch.”

I wasn’t expecting to bump into a friend on my way back from Broadcasting House. Nor had I remembered she would probably have seen my tweet trumpeting me going to pitch for the BBC Proms.

The pitch hadn’t gone quite as I’d expected.

I’d kept to time. The meeting lasted twenty four minutes. Factor in the usual pleasantries – ‘how are you? how’s the new job going? look at you, a vision in green’ – and the assigning of subsequent action points at the end of the meeting, each idea had approximately four minutes out of my head and in the cold light of day.

What was unexpected was that every one was agreed to.

My problem is that I expect – perhaps even hope – that my glossy, seamless and grandiose ideas which seem ever so straight-forward in my head are subjected to a reality check. When they’re not it always feels like the responsibility has batted back to you to make sure that everything is done right.

There is a safety net. They’re the people who publish the content. They’re the people who comply. They’re the people are responsible for it all. But long before it gets to that point I know I have to hand over a complete problem free product that meets all expectations.

What I’m reminded about now, however, is that talking the talk is easy. Perhaps its too easy. Actually turning the idea into a reality is something quite quite different. It seems quite difficult when I embark on these kind of things. And right now it seems considerably more scary than presenting the idea in the first place.