TV: Graham Norton Show \ Episode 7.2 \ 030510

Posted on May 3, 2010


Graham Norton was joined by Jennifer Lopez, Alan Davies, Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan and the lead from Ben’s Brother.

If ever I’m reminded of how long it takes for something you want to be good to get good, it’s the Graham Norton Show. Memories of painful audience inserts are long gone now, the void replaced with hearty laughs brought on by genuine chemistry between guests and hosts alike.

Tonight’s episode was also a good example of how negative publicity can be turned around if only people move swiftly.

Of those Doctor Who fans who watched and complained about the end of the first episode of Steven Moffat’s gripping two-parter, most will have been placated by Graham Norton using the Who/Over The Rainbow on-screen promotion as an opportunity to poke fun at himself. The animated Daleks exterminating Graham Norton trailer sequence both entertains and connects with audiences. It’s a relief to watch as well.

Cynics will say that if Charlie Brooker referred to it on You Have Been Watching then Norton couldn’t have avoided referring to it on his. The fact Norton pulled it off with style is both a testament to him, his writers, his production team and the BBC.

Once again. Nice work. Worth a look.

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