Petroc Trelawney on Aldeburgh Beach

Posted on June 16, 2010


This is what it’s come to at the BBC. With a recession on and talk of cuts all round, even radio presenters are cutting their cloth and making considerably more modest holiday plans.

Just look at Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawney. He’s seen here prowling around the pebble beach on the Suffolk coast. Poor soul.

Mind you, don’t pity him too much. He’s a professional after all as is demonstrated in this latest promotional video forĀ  Radio 3’s Music Matters

Watch as he battles against the windy beach to offer a few tasters for the programme, including a special interview with the former agent of the late Peter Pears. (The tenor lived in Aldeburgh with his partner, composer Benjamin Britten. The men’s names are synonymous with the Suffolk town. It’s the Pears anniversary thing at the Aldeburgh Festival this year.)

It might seem like it’s incredibly cold, but believe me when I say that the bracing sea air against the deep blue sky stretching over the Suffolk coastline is as beautiful a reminder to those who have visited there as it is a tonic to the uninitiated.

Mind you, I’m biassed. I come from around there.

That’s possibly why I’m seething with jealousy The Trelawney has had a chance to go up to Aldeburgh with – no doubt – a crack team of production staff. Well, one, probably. Assuming he didn’t have an extra person to polish his shades (aren’t you the suave sophisticate Petroc in your dark glasses luv?)

The Aldeburgh feature is on Music Matters broadcast Saturday 19 June between 12.15 and 1.00pm.

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