But does it work?

Posted on June 25, 2010


Mid-way through a day already devoted to streaming the News Rewired Conference live on the internet, I got some time with Scraperwiki pepes Aine McGuire and Francis Irving.

I made a reasonably good stab at getting them to describe on camera the idea behind the online collaborative tool for journalists and developers. The tool itself isn’t the focus of this post, more the shameless confession that this is the kind of experience I’m lucky enough to be able to get from to time at the BBC College of Journalism and (most importantly) something I really, really enjoy too.

Looking back on it, I’m struck first by how scruffy I look but – at the same time – how actually that in terms of interviews, presentation shouldn’t really matter. Personally, I’m interested in getting accustomed to conducting a fairly relaxed style interview not just in terms of how it looks but it feels for both interviewer and interviewee.

It’s a style which may not be received well, but really I rather like it. I’m bound to say that I know and in saying it I’m not going to appear especially modest. But even so, I think there’s mileage in it. I hope there is.

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