Posted on July 19, 2010


As a staffer it’s gratifying to see the Twittersphere go all gooey about the BBC as seems to be happening with the hashtag #proudofthebbc.

Sitting watching the traffic trundle up and down the A40 (it’s not all glamour in the BBC compound at White City), reading these tweets does feel like a bit of a positive affirmation. Sometimes its easy to assume the world is out to get you when you’re a publically funded organisation. (I should of course point out that I don’t represent the entire BBC in this post. I merely represent my own slightly parochial view of it.)

Even so, here are a handful of the tweets which have helped me go a little gooey.

I’m not entirely in agreement about @jopijedd‘s love of Formula 1 (although that surely underlines the point of reaching out to a broad range of audience interests), even so ..

BBC iPlayer boyo @rufushound – via @mod71 – might be seen as presenting a slightly biassed take, but still represents a significant amount of tweets referring back to the childhood of thirty/fortysomethings, perhaps even highlighting that the BBC must continue to strive to present output which will in years to come reach iconic status.

The Stage’s @scottm clearly shares my view of what the BBC is good at and what it should be doing more of – risk-taking:

Because when the risk-taking pays off, UK viewers (and via BBC Worldwide) get a chance to see daring pieces like black comedy Nighty Night (via a Twitter user whose ID has slipped off my search results)

And finally, for a predictable response, here’s my own contribution to the conversation …

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