Are these your glasses?

Posted on August 29, 2010


These glasses prompted an argument between me and my Significant Other. I’d wanted to pick them up late afternoon before I went off to see the Regents Park production of Into the Woods. He was less keen on that proposition, saying that we all should all go together to the show in the car and that we’d drop by Broadcasting House reception to pick them up on the way back home after the show.

When we did, I had to spend a surprising amount of time convincing the two clearly dedicated security guards that I really was the Jon Jacob written on the envelope they were clinging on to in which the glasses had been stowed.

Of course, what I didn’t know was that the glasses in the envelope weren’t mine. A producer in Henry Wood House had emailed me to say he’d found my glasses. I’d said they couldn’t be (without letting on I’d completely lost it looking for my glasses shortly after I’d got up that morning). And anyway, I’d said in an email, “my glasses are black-rimmed”. “So are these,” he’d replied. Hence why I’d dropped in at Broadcasting House to pick them up.

Only I didn’t realise they weren’t mine until I’d got home. That’s when I’d realised both the trip and the earlier argument had been a waste of time.

Consequently, I now have a pair of glasses which aren’t mine. A pair of glasses which demand a return visit to Broadcasting House. Between now and then someone is going to be fumbling around like a fool – assuming he or she doesn’t have a replacement pair or a supply of contact lenses.

Do please get in touch if you care.