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What EastEnders should do more of

September 28, 2010


The voice of the nation speaks. Neil McDermott (who plays Ryan Malloy from EastEnders) is according to them at least the “sexiest” male in this video vox pop made ahead of the Inside Soap Awards. Neil McDermott‘s appeal is no doubt because he sauntered around the square stark naked in one particular episode. I didn’t […]

IKEA Cats Parody

September 25, 2010


Being Human blog editor chappy Barry Pilling surpasses his Virtual Revolution video with this little ditty parodying IKEA’s making of the ‘100 cats’ video. [YouTube=] Inso-doing he eclipses the lasting memory I have of him pictured in the BBC staff rag Ariel a few days after he started work there dressed in a sharp suit […]

An exquisite justification

September 24, 2010


No earth shattering revelations in John Cleese’s talk from the 2009 Creativity World Forum flagged up Open Culture today. Instead, a timely if often forgotten fact which most creatives know to their cost: .. what I’m saying is that if you get into the right mood, then your mode of thinking will become much more […]

ITV Daybreak: Tough Questions

September 6, 2010


ITV Daybreak’s first transmission kicked off alright today – what I saw of it. The set had more than a sniff of BBC Breakfast and The One Show combined but still managed to look simple and effective. The weather segment was especially good. On-screen graphics were low-key, professional and laid back all at the same […]

Buzz … it had nothing to do with me

September 1, 2010


Lovely to see the BBC’s new social media curation service up and running today. There’s more information on how it works, why it’s been developed and how to get your blog included in the results for an individual piece of BBC output here, little point in me regurgiating it. In short, if you’re a blogger […]