Buzz … it had nothing to do with me

Posted on September 1, 2010


Lovely to see the BBC’s new social media curation service up and running today. There’s more information on how it works, why it’s been developed and how to get your blog included in the results for an individual piece of BBC output here, little point in me regurgiating it. In short, if you’re a blogger and you want to get your stuff included, be sure to include an iPlayer link in your copy.

As a user/addict of internet stuff, it’s a great tool for those desperate to find out what other people are thinking and saying about stuff.

As someone who works in web production at the BBC it’s also one of those things I’m mighty glad someone else worked on to delivery. It must have been quite a job. Raucous applause to all those who completed it. Nice work.

I’ll admit I’m not being entirely objective about it. My blog appears quite high in the results page for a BBC Proms search which appears to be being distributed via Twitter at a considerable pace. I should point out that the results are the result of an automated service – ie I haven’t bribed/cajoled/persuaded/slept with anyone in order to make this happen.

Still, it’s nice. I’ll look on it as an early birthday present, a bit like the christmas cards you get from your local chinese take-away.

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