An exquisite justification

Posted on September 24, 2010


No earth shattering revelations in John Cleese’s talk from the 2009 Creativity World Forum flagged up Open Culture today. Instead, a timely if often forgotten fact which most creatives know to their cost:

.. what I’m saying is that if you get into the right mood, then your mode of thinking will become much more creative. But if you’re racing around all day, ticking things off a list, looking at your watch, making phone calls and generally just keeping all the balls in the air, you are not going to have any creative ideas ..

But, when Brain Pickings founder and editor Maria Popova summarises Cleese’s recommendation of …

.. creating an “oasis” amidst the daily stress where the nervous creature that is your creative mind can safely come out and play, with the oasis being guarded by boundaries of space and boundaries of time

… I’m suddenly reminded of an exquisite justification for working from home.

I only returned from holiday on Wednesday. That day in the office was vital for catching up on the modest list of smallish problems which needed ironing out. Unexpectedly however, it was the following day spent working from home which ended up being the most productive with a number of creative ideas flowing from the list ticking and the email writing.

Like I say, Cleese’s ideas aren’t new. But the reminder is vital. Especially in an environment like the BBC.

Oh and of course, in pursuit of that aspirational creative environment thanks must surely be extended to @mylesrun for digging and distributing the gem in the first place.

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