What EastEnders should do more of

Posted on September 28, 2010


Actor Neil McDermott

The voice of the nation speaks. Neil McDermott (who plays Ryan Malloy from EastEnders) is according to them at least the “sexiest” male in this video vox pop made ahead of the Inside Soap Awards.

Neil McDermott‘s appeal is no doubt because he sauntered around the square stark naked in one particular episode. I didn’t see it the episode. I’m only reporting what participants in the vox-pop said to producer James Goss and his team. Up until I watched this vox pop I’d no idea who Neil McDermott was.

Now that I’ve watched, I’ve still no idea who the other characters are the women speak of – one of them has quite a bad case of acne – so maybe we should just forget about all the others and concentrate on delivering what it is that the EastEnders audience wants. More of Neil McDermott, it seems.

However, actor Neil McDermott will be disappointed on missing out on the ‘Sexiest Male’ award which went instead to Scott Maslen who plays Jack Branning in the soap.

Oh well, at least EastEnders won Best Soap. Nice win.

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