Thoroughly Good @ the BBC is written by Jon Jacob (left). The blog is a spin-off of his Thoroughly Good Blog.

Jon Jacob is a full-time employee of the BBC. He also loves the BBC a great deal – in a scary way.

Consequently he is duty bound to point out that the views you read on this blog are his own and not those of the BBC. Obviously.

If they were the BBC’s views there’d be BBC branding all over the place. There’s not. That’s not allowed.

And in case you’re in any doubt, using BBC branding without permission from the BBC Branding Stormtroopers can and usually does result in some quite unpleasant things. Sometimes they send strongly worded emails. When that doesn’t work, they’ll follow up with a telephone call. Nobody wants that.

The blog aims to offer an impartial view on the BBC as well as a near-daily account of working there. It does not in any way seek to abuse colleagues or destroy careers – least of all the author’s – nor will it reveal confidential information. It will discuss the competition because everyone in the BBC should be discussing the competition.

To read this blog you will need to be – like it’s author – a deeply cynical individual. Paranoid individuals are also welcome, although they should sit at the back quietly.

You will also need to have been on the receiving end of and responded to heavy sarcasm.

When reading this you should also bear in mind that good-humoured individuals who use self-deprecation shouldn’t be overlooked on the basis of a shallow assessment that those individuals can’t be taken seriously. They can. They should. And they will be.

Above all else, if you’ve read this disclaimer and don’t understand it on any level then you are clearly not of this world. In this instance you might want to consider returning to that world. You are unlikely to understand it or it’s author otherwise.

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