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IKEA Cats Parody

September 25, 2010


Being Human blog editor chappy Barry Pilling surpasses his Virtual Revolution video with this little ditty parodying IKEA’s making of the ‘100 cats’ video. [YouTube=] Inso-doing he eclipses the lasting memory I have of him pictured in the BBC staff rag Ariel a few days after he started work there dressed in a sharp suit […]

Buzz … it had nothing to do with me

September 1, 2010


Lovely to see the BBC’s new social media curation service up and running today. There’s more information on how it works, why it’s been developed and how to get your blog included in the results for an individual piece of BBC output here, little point in me regurgiating it. In short, if you’re a blogger […]

Are these your glasses?

August 29, 2010


These glasses prompted an argument between me and my Significant Other. I’d wanted to pick them up late afternoon before I went off to see the Regents Park production of Into the Woods. He was less keen on that proposition, saying that we all should all go together to the show in the car and […]

Twitter Primer

August 28, 2010


A few handy tips for getting ahead with (and for offsetting any corporate nonsense about) Twitter. Use TweetDeck It will seem overwhelming to begin with but stick with it. Be sure to use it for live events – or popular stuff broadcast on TV or radio. Assign a column based on a search criteria for […]

Rising cream

August 21, 2010


Cream rises to the top. That’s the expression. Those with a tendency for looking on the world with a rose-tinted view look at life that way. We expect that even in the most difficult of situations or environments, those who effortlessly combine innate skill with an undeniably endearing and seemingly ego-less personality will remain true […]

My best work – at least I think so

August 8, 2010


I know it’s not cool – nor advisable – to be too smug or indeed too proud about one’s own work. Experience has shown after all how months spent producing inconceivably small bits of video, audio or written content can swiftly pass into distant memory as soon as the encoding has completed or the HTML […]

Are we referring to social media correctly on-air?

August 8, 2010


Who’d be a TV (or radio, for that matter) scriptwriter? TV especially demands more efficiency. There aren’t endless hours available to the presenter to clarify exactly what was meant by something uttered in a voiceover. It’s one shot. A handful of words. TV is as unforgiving as that. Which is why I’ve been wondering about […]


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