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The new BBC News website

July 14, 2010


It's quite good, on the whole.

Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs & the iPad

June 5, 2010


What every technology giant needs is an equally massive media mogul selling for him. Although you’d hope whoever was researching for Murdoch would have checked out basic laptop history. Advertisements

Paywalls shouldn’t really change anything

May 19, 2010


We tiptoe nervously into the BBC Radio Theatre keeping a careful eye on the loan figure sat behind the microphone at the other end of the room. Was he rehearsing his lines or recording a link? I looked around for a red light or a green light or some kind of sign from the control […]

WTW: Sun 14 March 2010

March 14, 2010


Who says people can’t listen to something for longer than 3 minutes? Clearly those scaredy-cats haven’t listened to a twenty minute interval talk on Radio 3. Mind you, you might want to flag up this World This Weekend’s package about the Lib Dems …

Why competition is actually quite a good thing

March 3, 2010


Mark Thompson’s announcement made yesterday a bit of a dark day for a lot of people at the BBC. It’s always an odd feeling when the BBC is in the news. On occasion it’s felt how I imagine it would feel if a younger brother’s developing interest in shoplifting had been headlined in the local […]

BBC cuts announced

March 2, 2010