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ITV Daybreak: Tough Questions

September 6, 2010


ITV Daybreak’s first transmission kicked off alright today – what I saw of it. The set had more than a sniff of BBC Breakfast and The One Show combined but still managed to look simple and effective. The weather segment was especially good. On-screen graphics were low-key, professional and laid back all at the same […]

Working on the Graham Norton Show

August 31, 2010


Learning that Graham Norton has got his deserved Friday night slot with his chat vehicle The Graham Norton Show, reminded me of the time I spent working on the programme when it started on BBC Two in February / March 2007. It was a challenging experience. And one, predictably, I documented at the time.

Mark Thompson MacTaggart Lecture

August 28, 2010


Nice to see Mark Thompson using the phrase “sick bastards” in the introduction to his MacTaggart lecture at this year’s Media Festival shindig up in Edinburgh. Fighting talk. Good stuff. Aside from the nice shock opening guaranteed to command attention right from the start, here are some of the highlights now that I’ve clawed my […]

#bb11 Big Brother: Don’t Stop Believing

August 8, 2010


Watching the final series of Big Brother – assuming Sky don’t pick up the option next year to satisfy the millions who would almost certainly miss it – is a bit like being at the bedside of a dying relative. Editorially speaking, the series began with a breathtaking back-reference to the first series. There was […]

Are we referring to social media correctly on-air?

August 8, 2010


Who’d be a TV (or radio, for that matter) scriptwriter? TV especially demands more efficiency. There aren’t endless hours available to the presenter to clarify exactly what was meant by something uttered in a voiceover. It’s one shot. A handful of words. TV is as unforgiving as that. Which is why I’ve been wondering about […]

A new daytime schedule?

July 7, 2010


he BBC Trust wants the BBC to up its daytime game. Lets pool resources.

Doctor Who. We get it right, now.

June 26, 2010


Thank God for that. Didn't that take a long time.